Brianne Horvath, AP, DOM

Brianne Horvath, AP, DOM

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Brianne is an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine licensed in Brianne offers affordable acupuncture and healthcarethe state of Florida and Nationally Board Certified by the NCCAOM.

As a pre-med student at USF, Brianne discovered her love for herbal medicine while taking coursework in Medical Botany. This topic added a new dynamic to her knowledge of western pharmacology, gained from years spent working in her father’s compounding pharmacy. She completed a Bachelor degree from USF in Biomedical Sciences, while minoring in Public Health Services, and promptly joined the Oriental Medicine program at East West College of Natural Medicine. There she steeped herself in the ancient art of acupuncture and natural botanics.

As a Dean’s List graduate of East West College, Brianne earned a Master’s in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Professional Health Sciences. Ever curious, she sought out extra training in various needling techniques, acu-point injections, aesthetic acupuncture, sports medicine therapies, and medical herbalism. These tools help her strengthen the unique balance of each patient’s interpersonal chemistry.

During an internship abroad at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China, Brianne saw first-hand how acupuncture is used as a universal system of health care. Patients receive acupuncture and related therapies daily, for a nominal fee not only to relieve their ailments but to prevent illness and disease. Upon her return to America, Brianne was determined to work in the community acupuncture style to make sure that her patients had access to frequent, affordable care.

Brianne unexpectedly had to put that model to good use early this year. She awoke one morning in January unable to feel or use her legs. This is called a Wei Syndrome in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Western physicians were confused and unable to determine a diagnosis. Yet, they told her she would not recover unless she underwent surgery for a schwannoma tumor on her spine. With thanks to her training, Brianne knew she had alternative options. She denied invasive treatment and began a daily regimen of electro-acupuncture, moxibustion and herbal medicine. Within a matter of weeks she had regained full range of motion and feeling all the way down to her toes. Compare that to the months of healing and therapy she would have undergone with surgery, and with no guarantee of even recovering!

Before her career in healthcare, Brianne worked her way through school by professionally training dogs for therapy, service, and sport, such as Schutzhund. She is a lifelong horsewoman and equestrian who credits her work with animals for honing her intuition and fine tuning her touch. Of course, as a dog lover, she lives with her giant sweetheart of a Rottweiler named Saint, and two Pit bulls, Kaya and Azure.