What Patients Say

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  • Incredible results for varied and complex health issues. Cannot adequately express my gratitude. Many thanks. — J.
  • Received excellent care at an affordable price. Hayley is a talented and dedicated healer who’s impressed me with her willingness to work with me to see results, and to recommend other strategies for healing when she thinks it’s the best avenue. This is my acupuncturist from now on! — A.
  • If you want the most amazing acupuncture experience ever, you have to try Open Door Community Acupuncture. Try it once and you’ll be STUCK for life! Come on, try it! What are you waiting for! — F.
  • Oasis of care and consciousness. Thank you for creating such a healing environment. — E.


      • Slept through the night…no hot flashes…not hyper hungry when I got up! Steps in a healing direction! Thank you. — K.


      • You cured my headache beautifully! — L.


      • Thank you so much Hayley for working so diligently to heal my husband’s vertigo symptoms. He is feeling so much better, which makes me feel so much better. Thank you for your kind ways and gracious heart. — J.


      • My foot was amazing. I wore heels for the first time in 3 weeks and I still don’t have any pain. — K.
      • Thanks for helping my feet do what they needed to do on my trip! You are an incredibly powerful healer! — S.


      •  SLEPT and got sleepy, like a normal person. I just can’t hardly believe those little needles do what they do, but I guess it’s really you knowing what to do. Thank you. — R.
      • I slept Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. I even had dreams Sunday night. — S.


      • It’s perfect. I can walk so much better, and I feel so much better. I would never have believed it. It’s been amazing for me. — D.


      •  Wow, after many months of pain in AM, hip and thigh, one treatment and no more hip pain. Six treatments and thigh pain gone. Working on knee now. I’m hooked. Thank you. — P.


      • My kids love coming to see you. Whenever I book a treatment forThere is no age limit for acupuncture! myself they always want one too! — K.


      • You are amazing!! My varicose vein blob has nearly vanished!! I look 47 again! — D.


      •  I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You’ve made me feel so much better, and I really appreciate you. — A.
      •  Thank you for the acupuncture treatment. I received the acupuncture right before a meeting that I was pretty nervous about. The treatment calmed and relaxed me, both physically and mentally and the meeting went great! — L.
      • Thank you so much for introducing me to acupuncture. I felt incredibly relaxed and still energetic afterwards and it was very useful. — J.
      • Thanks so much for the acupuncture, I really appreciated it both times…the naps I get are priceless. You’re very good at getting the qi to flow! — A.
      •  I felt amazing during the session, the energy was palpable and refreshing. After the one session I had, my awareness of the energy flowing through my body was heightened for the following couple of days, and to this day I am reminded of that feeling. It was really magical. — Z.
      •  I don’t know what you did but I feel great. I feel so alive! And I feel so safe with you. You are a wonderful person. — F.
      •  I really don’t think my first experience with acupuncture could have been any more positive. It was so lovely of you to share your time & energy with us. I’m so lucky that you were the first acupuncturist I ever worked with- I have only positive feelings about it, and I am so excited to continue exploring acupuncture. Your calm energy & giving spirit are both evident and appreciated. — I.


      •  It was amazing–it made a huge difference. And the results were long lasting. I took my blood pressure last night and it was 126/70. My doctor thinks it’s great. — F.


      • I feel really good. My calves really let go and I could do some good stretches. My thighs don’t bother me at all. My hands are amazing-no pain at all! — D.


      •  Thank you for your assistance in getting me “back” on the road to good health! — G.


      • My shoulder is so much better. If I had known, I would have come 6 months ago. I’d be ready for golf by now. — P.
      • Thank you for your healing work on my joints. My elbows are greatly improved since my acupuncture treatments at Open Door. — B.


      • I don’t know what you did, but it was fab. I can breathe so much better. I feel so much better in my body. — J.


      • Thanks so much for the treatment Friday. It really did make a difference. I know the more I come, the longer the pain relief will last. — M.


      • I would like to thank you for your wonderful acupuncture! Thanks to your healing touch I experienced balance again. — K.
      • Thank you for your treatment. I did not think I would ever get back in balance; today I am in better balance than in a long time. Your group approach also generates energy. I am so happy to discover you. — T.


      • Last week’s treatment was calming and helped bring my ear ringing to a much lower pitch. — G.


      • I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to make changes in my diet Hayley. I know it took me some time to get on board but I am already feeling so much better…People at work think I am crazy eating salads for breakfast but I am loving it. I am having salads for every meal actually and have even started craving them! I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and he said something that really hit home. He said your brain craves nutrients and if you are not giving it nutritious foods you will continue to be hungry even after you eat….well duh! I think all that lettuce is working on the nervous system. Tingling is nearly completely gone! Yay! And the feeling of anxiousness is gone. You’re the best! — F.